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2x Continuous Lighting Softbox Studio Lighting Kit 150W each

2 x light heads
2x soft box covers
2 x bulbs
2 x stands

Fee: £ 5.50 for 7 days

Location: 501 Endike Ln
Condition: A - As new
Code: 1344

Continuous Studio Lighting Kit:

Continuous lighting kit is perfect for portrait and product photography. It is lightweight but durable. Comprising of 2 light stands, 2 softbox's and 2 bulbs, you have everything you need to produce beautifully lit photographs and videos.

Light Stand:
Made from strong but lightweight aluminium alloy. Solid locking capabilites
Maximum Height: 200cm / 78.7”
Minimum Height: 75.5cm / 29.7”
Collapsible to: 65cm / 25.5”
Foot Spread: 75cm / 29.5"
Maximum Load: 1.5kg
Standard 1/4“ Thread

Size: 50 x 70cm / 20 x 28"
Removable Face and Baffle - Allows you to adjust and create the required diffusion and contrast
Quick Release Corners - Creates a stronger construction and makes it easier to unassemble
Compact and Portable - Easily collapses down
Light Bulb:

Power: 150W
Type: Fluorescent
Colour Temperature: 5500K, daylight
Light Output: 5,600 LM
CRI (color rendering index )

Carbon Category Corded power tool (no battery)
Carbon Emission Factor 3.77100
Weight KG's two decimal places 4.50

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