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Chainsaw Saw Horse

Fee: £ 9.50 for 7 days

Location: 501 Endike Ln
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Rhyas
Code: 1380

Safer it decreased the chainsaw, bounce and a protective cover of the blade
Foldable and portable unit.
Compatible with most petrol and electric chainsaws
Adjustable galvanised steel frame for measuring

Uses this with a chainsaw to achive logging more safety, the chainsaw attaches directly to this saw horse allowing you to cut wood into logs, without having to lift the chainsaw. Makes it easier to cut batches, as you don't have to hold the heavy chain saw and safer due to the safety cover that passes over the chain saw blade.

Carbon Category solid metal
Carbon Emission Factor 3.24850
Weight KG's two decimal places 9.50

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