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Inner Bearing Blind Hole Remover Extractor Puller Tool 8-32mm Slide Hammer Kit

8 x two piece bearing attachments
1x two piece puller

Fee: £ 4.50 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Code: 1327

With 9 pcs in a case, Slide Hammer with T-handleand 8 Clampsyou will get a set of complete tools to use and makes the removal of the various bearings for replacement/cleaning a breeze.
Used for home mechanic and car repair.

Made of high-quality carbon steel forging, the overall heat treatment, making it more durable.
Comes with a case.

Ideal for pulling jobs requiring an internal pull, fitting a wide range of applications.
Type: 9PCS Blind Hole Pilot Bearing Puller
Material: Carbon Steel

Clamps Size:
8~10mm (5/16"~13/32")
10~12mm (13/32"~15/32")
12~14mm (15/32"~9/19")
15~17mm (9/32"~11/16

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