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Multiposition combination ladder / steps platform

Fee: £ 4.50 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new

12 rung multipurpose combination ladder
4 sections of 3 rungs each. Will form a 1.5M long x 1M high workbench or a 1.7M tall step ladder or an approx 4M straight ladder. Easily transported in a small vehicle.
Also has sections to turn this into a working platform to stand on Max weight 120kg total

Safety / PPE
Never use a damaged ladder
Check all Ladder feet are in place
Always keep a secure grip
Secure ladder at the top and bottom where possible, if not station someone at the foot of the ladder
Always wear flat bottom strong soled shoes
Never modify this ladder in anyway.

Please see attached HSE information on safe ladder use.


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Hull West and Wyke