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Yoga dice great fun for kids and adults

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three large foam dice
Box with Key on side

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Condition: A - As new
Brand: Myga
Code: 1283

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KEEP YOGA FUN - Yoga Dice spice up your yoga practice with a throw of a dice. Different poses and actions.
SOFT FOAM DICE - Child-friendly Yoga Dice. Soft lightweight foam material ideal for your children during yoga.
3 DICE SET - The Myga Children's Yoga Dice set has 2 poses dice and 1 action dice. Simply roll the action dice with 1 or 2 pose dices. Perform the action along with the position from the pose dice.

VARIATION - The yoga dice has 12 different poses displayed to make yoga more fun for your kids.

Not suitable for 0-3-year-olds
If required obtain a medical exam before any exercise program. Always warm up thoroughly before any exercise. If at any time during exercise you feel faint, dizzy or experience pain, stop and consult your doctor. Action dice key in photos

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