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Wellbeing posture corrector back pain relief

Backrest with foam strip

Fee: £ 0.00 for 7 days

Location: 501 Endike Ln
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Pro II
Code: 1282

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Three curve radian settings (low, medium and high)

There is three curve radian to be chosen. Just lie down and relax, targets back pain and stiffness caused by tight muscles and the loss of lumbar curve. Simply lie back and relax over the unique adjustable spinal cradle.
The corrector has unique pressure points for even deeper stress relieving stretch. A simple natural solution to a common problem.

Maximum can withstand 400 kg.

Caution, please read all safety information and instructions in the manual before use, if you cannot access the manual do not use

Consult your doctor before use if you suffer from any joint, muscle or skeletal problems or other problem that may cause injury.

Carbon Category solid plastic/rubber
Carbon Emission Factor 3.21800
Weight KG's two decimal places 0.55


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