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Screen Home Cinema 233X139Cm or 100 '' 16: 9 Mobile Projector Screen

7 x poles
4 x fibre poles
4 x guide ropes
8 x pegs
2 x spare fibre pole bushes

Fee: £ 9.50 for 7 days

On loan
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Rayeem
Code: 1274

**The screen is delicate and all efforts must be made to keep it clean when setting up and in use. Not to be used outside on windy days**

If using indoors you will need a lot of space to set up and use its at least 4m wide when setting up and when the bars are installed it then needs about 3m.

Easy to Set Up: Designed with ease of use in mind, this projector screen with stand is ready for quick set-up in a few minutes.

Frontal or Rear projection: Made of stretchy polyester fabric. The Projection Screen has some Transparency and offers double-sided projection, high-definition coating.

The portable movie screen frame can be easily transported to anywhere with a black carrying bag.

Screen Material: Features 160 degree viewing angle with front projection screen material.

Must not be used on windy days, always use guy ropes when using outside, find a safe and stable place to use this, can be set up and then moved, but please be gentle with it. Risk of injury if it falls over

Carbon Category mixed plastic/rubber and metal
Carbon Emission Factor 3.23325
Weight KG's two decimal places 5.00


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