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Twin portable DVD players

2 x DVD players with built in 7" screens
1 x link cable
1 x dual 12v Power lead to cigarette socket
2 x 240v chargers
2 x in ear hedphones.

Fee: £ 3.50 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Next Base
Code: 1202
Serial: 134952800644-7AC & 643-7AC

two independent DVD players or will link both two one DVD so both show the same show.

Take a trip to the charity shop and pickup some DVD's for the outing! Old school :)

**Warning Lithium batteries in remote controls, please be careful with these around children as swallowing can be fatal**

Use cases
Camping with the kids (no internet needed!)
Hotel stay
In car (comes with headrest mounts)

Both have headphone sockets and do come with built in battery, so will work without power for up to 2 hours (when new)

Take the Jump starter too if you are going camping without power!

To make them both show the same DVD, on control "B" press the DVD-IN button


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