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Battery Nailing Gun / Strike Nailer

18V Battery Pack

Fee: £ 5.00 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Code: 1131
Serial: 02009 R06W37

Clip the nail in the jaws and press against the work pice and press the trigger ans a powerful percussion will drive the nail in. great for lots of nails!

Good for up to 3-4 inch nails.

Suggest hearing protection and safety glasses for this one.

No load speed: 0 –16000 min-1
Hammer rate: 0 –5500 min-1
Nail length: 40mm (1-5/8") to 150mm (6")
Nail type: Accepts all commonly
available nail types including
oval brad nails, round shank
nails and serrated nails
Nail head size: Maximum of 10mm
Sound pressure value: 96 dB(A)

Safety / PPE
Hearing protection and eye protection should be warn. Care should be taken to reduce exposure to vibration for long periods. Please read attached instructions which include more information on safe use.


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