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Garret Ace 200i Metal detector with additional Nell Tornado Coil

Metal Detector (three pieces)
1 x Garret Coil
1 x Nell Tornado Coil
1 x FInder
1 x FInder belt holder

Fee: £ 15.50 for 7 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Garret

Perfect for finding treasure, Nell coil also improves search depth and sensitivity, can be used on a beach

Comes with finder tool and headphones.
Instructional video

Detecting tips video

Digital Target ID scale and target depth indicator help you know what you might be digging AND how deep it is.
Sharp, responsive audio
Three Search Modes
Four Sensitivity adjustments
Low Battery Indicator
Disassembles into three pieces for storage/travel
Weight with standard coil 1.25 kgs

Requires Four AA batteries for the detector and one 9v battery for the finder.

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