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Active 1100w speaker system with Bluetooth and media USB input

2 x Speaker
2 x Speaker Stands
2 x Speaker Cables
1 x Power lead
1 x Mic with Mic lead

Fee: £ 21.00 for 7 days

On loan
Condition: B - Good
Brand: Party LIght and Sound
Code: 1051

Create a playlist on your favourite online music system a hit play and become the DJ for the night its that simple!

Complete Active Speaker System 2 150W satellite speakers and 1100w Active subwoofer
Bass & Trebble
Built-in USB, Media Card and Bluetooth
Complete with Mic and Mic volume and echo control
Telescopic trolley on subwoofer for ease of transporting

Pair this with the Derby FX Lighting stand we have and you have people dancing all night long!

Both satellite speakers have cracks in them and have been glued.

Safety Info
Keep away from liquids/rain/water, do not exceed safe volume levels, use a residual current device (RCD) to prevent shock.

Carbon Category Corded power tool (no battery)
Carbon Emission Factor 3.77100
Weight KG's two decimal places 33.29

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