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Bravilor Filter Coffee machine 24 Cup

Main Machine
Filter holder
2 Jugs

Fee: £ 4.50 for 7 days

Location: 501 Endike Ln
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Bravilor Novo 2
Code: 1041

Easy to Use Machine

Filters can be purchased here when in stock:-

Filter and Coffee (56g grams for a full jug) goes in the filter holder
Fill the Jug with fresh water up to the top mark, pour it in the back of the machine
Turn on
and 5 mins later you have a full jug of fresh coffee, move it to the top hotplate if you need to do another
Don't forget to turn the top hotplate on if you plan to use it!
Two hot plates can keep 24 cups of coffee going!

Features a manual fill water system, allowing the machine to be placed anywhere
Two self-regulating hot plates maintain optimum coffee quality
User-friendly & low maintenance
1 x brewing system, 2 x decanters
Holding capacity - 2 decanters (24 cups)
Throughput per hour - 18lts (144 cups)
Brewing time - 5 mins/ 1 decanter
Dimensions: 22 x 39 x 43cm
230 volts, 50/60 Hz, 2130w

Please follow Safety Book below

Carbon Category Corded power tool (no battery)
Carbon Emission Factor 3.77100
Weight KG's two decimal places 5.01


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