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Drill 240V 370W Keyed Chuck two speed with hammer action

Drill and chuck key

Fee: £ 2.50 for 7 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Black and Decker
Code: 1266
Serial: H264H15

Vintage and Built to out-live us all! this workhorse of a drill has two speeds and a keyed chuck. 370w of power and a hammer action switch.

Safety / PPE
Eye protection should warn, depending on use, please consider hearing protection, safety gloves and appropriate respirator.

Please let the drill come to a complete stop before touching the chuck. Check work area is clean and free from debris, remove anything flammable from the area. Make sure your workpiece is secure and you know what is on the other side when drilling.

This item is not available for reservation online. Please contact us.

Hull West and Wyke