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Brushcutter / Strimmer 1000w Corded

Main Unit
Brushcutter attachment
line spool head
Full Face Mask
Ear protectors

Fee: £ 10.50 for 7 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: B&Q
Code: 1254
Serial: 007572

Ideal for medium-sized gardens, collapsible pole for easy storage

Has two functions, easy to disassemble and switch.
42 cm cutting width for grass trimmer and 25.5 cm for brush cutter, bump feed, 1.6 mm x 5 m cutting line, adjustable auxiliary handle, single shoulder harness
Easy to assemble and switch between blade and spool head
Great cutting performance
Collapsible pole, great for complex garden situations, easy to disassemble.

Cutting width (mm) - 420mm
Power output - 1000 W
Single shoulder harness
Model FPBC1000

Safety / PPE
High-speed spinning cutting disk, make sure all animals and people are clear of the area before starting. Keep away from spinning blades/wire at all times.
Comes with a full face mask and ear protectors which should be worn when brush cutting, swap the facemask for protective eyeglasses for grass trimming. Suitable protective gloves should be worn. Mask should be considered depending on the area being cut.

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